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  1. 23 hours ago

    It’s Friday, it’s sunny so there’s no complaints today. But maybe you’ll find a ‘Fresh Complaint’ on the subway, from Jeffrey Eugenides.

  2. Oct 19

    Oct's . To show support 's donating profits of Oct's sales of The Snow Globe to Safe Horizons.

  3. Oct 18

    Get swept away in this chilling mystery from , A Place In The Wind is guaranteed to blow you away.

  4. Oct 17

    Stop loafing around and get yourself down to the subway, Sourdough is heading yeast on the F train. Crust us, you’re in for a good read 🍞🥖

  5. Oct 16

    Being a stepmom is a hard role to step into, filled with misconceptions and misrepresentation. Read experience in

  6. Oct 13

    Looking for a heartwarming read about rescue dogs and second chances? Pick up Rescued by !

  7. Oct 12

    Be on the lookout for on the subway today! Not lucky enough to find one? Head to our Insta page for a !

  8. Oct 11

    In honor of , we're dropping copies of Dear Friend, a collection of handwritten letters to women w breast cancer

  9. Oct 6

    Think it's SAFE to say that this book will make some lucky commuter's weekend! – at MTA Subway - Borough Hall/Court St (R/2/3/4/5)

  10. Oct 5

    Don’t FEAR, the books are here! 📚🙌🏻 🤓

  11. Oct 4

    24 Halloween Costume Ideas That All Book Nerds Will Love

  12. Oct 4

    As if one cult classic wasn’t enough this week. Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Encyclopedia is heading out of Giles’ library and into the subway

  13. Oct 4

    Hey NYC! Come hang with me, drink rosé, and chit-chat about The Regulars at on Nov 15th. Limited $5 tix available!

  14. Oct 3

    Calling all fans! As you scour the subway for books today, watch the below. If you wish to donate 👉

  15. Oct 3

    It's and that can only mean one thing: Happy everyone! Find a copy of the novel on the subway. So fetch!

  16. Oct 2
  17. Oct 1

    This Oct we're reading The Regulars by for and we're hosting a book club event at WTS!

  18. Sep 30

    Head to Greenwich village fpr copies of Arbitrary Stupid Goal, set in 1970 Greenwich Village!

  19. Sep 29

    Pssst...we put on the subway today with 🌟 Find your copy!

  20. Sep 29

    Find copies of Adam's book all over the subway today!

  21. Sep 28

    Have you read many of the banned books based in NYC?? Check out the list compiled by 's librarian Gwen Glazer:

  22. Sep 28

    4️⃣months ago: Sara's friend disappeared. 4️⃣hours ago: Sara received a death threat. 4️⃣mins ago: This book appeared on the subway.

  23. Sep 27

    I, Eliza Hamilton tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s wife, in one of the most gripping periods in American history.

  24. Sep 26

    Notes on a Banana by across & NYC today. A poignant story of family, food, mental illness, and sexual identity.

  25. Sep 25

    A book with love letters and breakup notes to other , curated by a librarian. We demand that all book reviews come in this format!

  26. Sep 24

    Did you find copies of The City Always Wins by on the subway today? Let us know! 👉

  27. Sep 23

    This could be THE BEST DAY EVER if you find a copy of 's book on the subway today. ✌🏻

  28. Sep 21

    This story begins deep inside Catholic Brooklyn, but today you'll find the book deep inside the Manhattan Subway

  29. Sep 20

    Good Me Bad Me  "A dark, compelling, voice-driven debut psychological suspense thriller." -

  30. Sep 19

    Find this month's pick on the subway today! Michael Chabon's momoir, Moonglow, chronicles the life of his grandfather.

  31. Sep 18

    Radium was all the rage when it was discovered, and girls covered themselves with it to shine and glow, but to what cost?

  32. Sep 17

    There's no better way to relax this Sunday, frosé and Chabon. Who's reading Moonglow? Has it got you thinking about your family's stories?

  33. Sep 16

    All Over The Place, is all over the subway today from Travel, read, return 🙌🏻

  34. Sep 15

    Best decision you can make today? Picking up that blue book you find on the subway!

  35. Sep 13

    Find copies of the highly-anticipated Forest Dark by NYT bestselling author Nicole Krauss all over the subway today!

  36. Sep 12

    A blend of humor & compassion. 's offbeat tale of love, loss, & exasperation—will leave you breathless at the end of your ride

  37. Sep 9

    Once a lost child herself, Naomi is hired to find a missing child. But, her investigation uncovers secrets from her own life. – at MTA Subway - 8th St/NYU (N/R)

  38. Sep 7

    Nothing makes us happier and prouder than seeing an old book pop back up on the subway and is picked by someone new! ❤️

  39. Sep 7

    Can a cookbook change your life? Find out in . Thanks to Emily, who found a copy today, for the photo!

  40. Sep 6

    Happy ! We're reading Sex and Rage by Eve Babitz (thanks & for the reco!) What are you reading?

  41. Sep 5

    Dropping a few copies off around Queens today, look up from your phones & maybe you'll find one :)

  42. Sep 5
  43. Sep 5

    Today on the subway we have “America’s librarian” & books commentator 's debut novel George & Lizzie from

  44. Sep 4

    Lizzie Borden took an ax. And gave her mother forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. Or did she?

  45. Sep 3

    Sept's read: Michael Chabon's Moonglow. Join us at on Sept 26th to see Michael talk about the title!

  46. Sep 1

    Happy first day of school Albus Severus! Let us know what house you get sorted into!

  47. Aug 31

    left me a little present on the W platform at 8th street. What a fabulous concept!…

  48. Aug 31

    True Stories at the Smoky View by Jill McCroskey Coupe is a wry, intricate novel - Vrai, a librarian in Baltimore rescues a 10 yr old Boy.

  49. Aug 31

    We just finished reading our read and we LOVED it! Check out our review 👉 Have you read it?

  50. Aug 29

    A collection of short stories, the underlying main character being New York City. Find volumes 1&2 on the subway today from

  51. Aug 25

    A dystopian novel where people 50+ are sent to to live lavishly, but with a catch: donating one organ at a time until they run out

  52. Aug 24

    When a DNA test reveals long-buried secrets, 3 generations of women reunite on Cape Cod for the homecoming of a lifetime.

  53. Aug 23

    You near union square? Why not look for some !! We've placed some throughout 14th street! ❤️

  54. Aug 23

    Fans of , lookout for The Secret History of Twin Peaks by on the subway today, full of background & history on the show!

  55. Aug 22

    Negative thinking? Loneliness? Guilt? Self-doubt? Whatever it is helps you find ways to better take care of yourself

  56. Aug 19

    We won't stop until every last book has been dropped. Head up to the UES where you'll find Every Last Lie from and

  57. Aug 18

    Combat the summer showers with today's summer reading challenge book! Find on the subway and get reading!

  58. Aug 17

    Dr. Pepper may hold the clues to a woman's mysterious disappearance but she will have to allow her own haunted memories to resurface.

  59. Aug 16

    One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy, Five for silver, Six for gold, 20 copies on the subway for you to grab hold.

  60. Aug 14

    The smell of books make your knees weak? We had to share this awesome Read-Dating event from the !

  61. Aug 14

    Girl In Snow by poses the question WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING? (we're just some sneaky ssssh!)

  62. Aug 11

    If you're riding the subway today make sure to hold the pole tight, because the twists & turns of this read will really have you spinning.

  63. Aug 11

    Haven't been partaking in the ? Now is your time to start. If you find this today you're in for a ride!

  64. Aug 10

    Set in 18-century Venice, Casanova’s Secret Wife is a lush tale of desire & risk offering a little known portrait of Casanova as a young man – at MTA Subway - City Hall (R)

  65. Aug 9

    Happy ! Downsides of being a book lover - your TBR list is incredibly heavy to hold for pictures 😂💪🏻📚

  66. Aug 8

    Rebellion tells the story of four women whose rebellions, big and small, are as unexpected as they are unforgettable.

  67. Aug 7

    Head to our Instagram page to join in today's book giveaway for 's Magpie Murders from .

  68. Aug 6

    August's pick - Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz - if you're an Agatha Christie fan, you're going to love it.