A Million to One (Book 2)

A Million to One (Book 2)
Series: Beyond the Veil Supernatural Thriller, Book 2
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Atticus Creative, Inc.
Publication Year: 2016
ISBN: 9780997897449

Book Two in the Millionth Trilogy

Some victories come at a high price. Some defeats are met with shock and defiance. Some wars are fought with sheer determination. There is hell, and there is hell on earth.

And worst of all? There are some demons that you never see coming.

About the Book

Some victories come at a high price. For Kyle Fasano, that price is a head-long fall into hell, a place he never really believed in. Now a living soul trapped in a land of death and terror, he desperately seeks escape, but he’s about to learn that the worst place of all can be the hell that lives inside us.

Some defeats are met with shock and defiance. For The Gray Man, the loss of his charge is more than he can take. In a million to one leap of faith he goes after Kyle to try and save him, knowing full well that as an agent of heaven, the effort is most likely suicidal.

Some wars are fought with sheer determination. Back in the real world, Tamara Fasano and her children are hunted by forces of evil, while Napoleon’s partner, Detective Evan Parker, is drawn into the hunt for a serial killer who is terrorizing the small town of Beaury, CA.

As the second book of “The Millionth Trilogy” unfolds, it becomes evident that there is hell, and there is hell on earth. And worst of all? There are some demons that you never see coming.

Praise for A Million to One

“A great follow-up to the first book in the trilogy. The otherworldly creativity is amazing and I loved the continuity of both the characters and the plot from the first book. It gets darker, and like with the first book I could not put the book down.” – Amazon 5 Star Review

“.. a psychopathic torturer and serial killer in the tradition of Hannibal Lecter.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Peppered with humor and drenched in horror, the book offers superb descriptions of police work and induces genuine sadness…” —Kirkus Reviews

“A fast-paced sequel involving angelic and demonic machinations that’s not for the faint of heart or stomach.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The setting for this sequel is literally hell, and Faggioli has imagined that dark place in a completely original way. Faggioli's hell is populated with characters we've never seen before and presents a version that would seem to both fulfill the warnings of traditional Christianity and work for those who posit that hell is of our own making. Both Kyle Fasano and Detective Villa have their own horrific journeys through the Underworld, while back home a serial killer and demonic forces threaten those closest to the two men. To his credit, Faggioli pulls no punches. This is a tough read that takes the reader to truly terrifying places, but that is what sets the book apart…and makes the need for reading the third book in the trilogy so vital. This reader needed resolution as badly as the protagonists.” – Amazon 5 Star Review