Another One (Book 4)

Another One (Book 4)

The line between this world and the next is razor thin.

In East L.A. a grieving detective, a desperate priest and a broken hearted gangster are about to discover that the veil between this world and the next is razor thin.

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About the Book

Detective Evan Parker is being haunted by the past. After two tours in the Afghanistan War as an Army Ranger, he thought the horrors that he witnessed there were behind him. But the brutal death of his partner has now opened a dark hole of memories that are threatening to swallow Parker alive. Desperate to maintain his grip, he turns his attention to the last unsolved case that his partner left behind: the brutal murder of Hymie Villarosa.

Father Bernardino Soltera is being destroyed by the present. After ministering to the gang ridden streets of East L.A. for over twenty years, he's seen firsthand the havoc that drugs and violence have wreaked on the neighborhood around him. Unable to see past the pain and suffering anymore, he’s ready to give up. But when a young girl confesses that she's pregnant and that her boyfriend has threatened to hurt her if she doesn't get an abortion? Father Soltera decides to make one more stand.

Hector Villarosa is being mocked by the future. After being released from jail he finds out that the love of his life has taken up with another man. As the leader of his gang, losing face could mean losing his life, and the fact that detectives are now asking questions about the death of Hector's cousin Hymie isn't helping. But that's not the worst of it. Hector's biggest problem is the demon that has followed him out of jail and on to the mean streets of East L.A.

Three men in a neighborhood that could kill them on any given day are about to discover that good dwells in the darkest of places, those that die don't always leave, and the veil between this world and the next is razor thin.

Series: Beyond the Veil Supernatural Thriller, Book 4
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Atticus Creative, Inc.
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B07558F9PP
ISBN: 9780997897456
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