One Plus One (Book 3)

One Plus One (Book 3)
Series: Beyond the Veil Supernatural Thriller, Book 3
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Atticus Creative, Inc.
ISBN: 9780997897470

The case of Kyle Fasano spirals down a dark, unimaginable path. 

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About the Book

The case of Kyle Fasano spirals down a dark, unimaginable path. 

Bodies are piling high, and Detectives Napoleon Villa and Evan Parker are no closer to solving the case. Every lead uncovers more questions than answers, with no connection between the victims to be found.

But Kyle Fasano’s wife, Tamara, refuses to give up.

Determined to get her husband back, Tamara finds herself locked in a life-or-death struggle with an evil that threatens to consume all in its path. 

The thin veil between this world and the next is pulled back. Hearts, minds, and souls are put to the ultimate test… and absolutely nothing will ever be the same again.

Praise for One Plus One

Very highly recommended…” – Midwest Book Review

“The true star of this scary volume is Tamara. Hell hath no fury like this captured woman, a committed Christian and certified badass with a mean right hook and killer moves with a hose.” – Kirkus Reviews

From the very first chapter in the first book, I've been fascinated. I read all three books in two days. I didn't want to stop, but my eyes hurt so much from non-stop reading, I had to force myself to go to sleep, so they could rest. The strategic battle between good and evil, projected through these books, was simply amazing!” – Reader Review ★★★★★