So…Chalk Man

About a year ago, I was walking my dog when I decided to take a short cut. Near my home, there is a small alley that leads to the cul-de-sac at the end of my street. I'd walked it a 1000 times. But this time, there was some chalk writing on the path, written in a child's hand. I don't know why (perhaps because it was a gloomy day, or maybe because the writing was all in the same lettering, which led me to believe the child was all alone in the alley) but my mind went “click” and the image stuck with me. Then, it haunted me. Then? My next book sprang to life in my head. A name came to me: Little Charlie Hensen. And it stuck. I didn't know much about Charlie except that a bad man had taken him…and that the only ones who could save him were Detective's Evan Parker and Napoleon Villa.

I usually try to crank out at least two books a year. Then came THIS year. As a writer, I have many adjectives to describe this year. But I like to keep my newsletter family-friendly so I'm just going to go with “frustrating”. I was three-quarters of the way done writing Chalk Man when COVID hit and my creative energy was snuffed out like a flame. But no one ever said this writing gig is glamorous (and if they did, they're a liar) so after a few months of throwing a mental tantrum about everything? I. Got. Back. To. Work. Just like that, really. One word at a time. No excuses. 

Now, my editor just completed her copy-edit and the book is currently being formatted for paperback and Kindle publication on October 9th. In the meantime, I've begun to trade concepts with my cover designer and I'm in daily meetings with my social media manager to make sure that this book launch is my biggest one yet!

In the upcoming weeks, a lot is going to happen. Next week I'll have the link for an exclusive Pre-Order, followed by an excerpt for my subscribers only, the cover reveal, the back cover blurb, and finally, a pretty cool Giveaway Contest for all of my readers.

I hope you get Chalk Man when it comes out and that you enjoy it 🙂


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  1. Lorin MillsLorin Mills

    Look forward to it. I just listened to the first 2 books in the Million and One series on Audible. About to start book 3. It’s refreshing to find an author that can incorporate family values, faith and elements of evil into a story I don’t want to end, Like you, I found myself caught up in the pandemic and all the political madness around me. Audio books have been my escape. I have found frustration at authors that feel the need to poke at certain presidents with negative commentary, all without adding value to their novels. The only thing they succeeded in doing was ensuring they were crossed off my “to listen” list. I discovered your books based on audible suggestions and thoroughly look forward to discovering more of your work. Be well-and stay safe. -Lorin M from California

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