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Well, it's time to introduce you to my literary novel. The title? The Church of The Lighted Window. The inspiration? Hm. We'll get into that another time 🙂 I know you're busy and I want to keep this newsletter short.
 Just so you know, it's a book that brings out “the long knives”, as my creative writing teacher used to say. As a reminder: it's not a psychological or supernatural thriller. As a literary novel, it's more focused on subject and theme than it is on plot. Anyway, I really hope you get it. Because, well, this crazy writing journey of mine wouldn't be the same without you 🙂
Kyle Getty was a successful, accomplished person. Until the day he lost his mind and brutally assaulted a man who was bullying a disabled person. Now, Kyle has been placed into court ordered therapy at Fallbrooke Mental Institution in Oregon.Waiting to meet him at Fallbrooke are a group of fellow “clients” that he will never forget. There is the young man who will only speak in rhymes and the French girl who cannot sleep. There is the old man who is trying to sketch his memories in the face of his Alzheimer’s, and lastly, a woman with a fatal brain tumor who believes that she has found a way to live forever.Trapped and unable to distract himself with the world anymore, Kyle is forced to come face to face with what has ultimately brought him to Fallbrooke, a pain rooted in the grief he has denied himself since the loss of his father, then his mother, and finally, his dreams.But there is someone else waiting to meet Kyle at Fallbrooke. God. Someone that Kyle Getty has never given himself the proper time to fully get to know. Until now.
The publication date is set for March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) and is available on my Amazon Page to PRE-ORDER NOW! Thanks to much.

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  1. Sara ZahnSara Zahn

    I loved the new book (The Church of the Lighted Window)although I really loved the 8 series and the way in which you have woven GOD into your stores. Unfortunately, I’ve now read all your books and was hoping you might be working on the 9th book in that series.

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