So…Along Came a Priest

There’s love, unrequited love, love lost, and love found. Then? There’s forbidden love.

In One in A Million, Book 1 of The Fasano Trilogy, I wanted to explore this by way of Kyle Fasano, a married man who has an affair. From there he’s sent on a mission. Well, two missions, really. Indirectly, he must try and save his marriage, while directly, he’s trying to save his first love, whom he hasn’t seen in twenty years. The sin of a man’s present when reconciled against the innocence of his past. Across the trilogy, something has to give and it does.

When it came time to write Another One, Book 1 of The Parker Trilogy, I knew I wanted to explore that idea even further. I had my detective. I had my gangster. But I also had this other character who kept wandering into the saloon of my mind, pushing his way up to the bar, ordering a glass of wine (Chianti, of course) and demanding my attention. He was, of all things, a priest. And he was torn by the forbidden love which he felt for one of his parishioners.

I wanted nothing to do with him and I told him so. I mean, to write his story meant that I would be at great risk of offending some of my readers, who are Christian or Catholic. But then I wondered…and that’s always the end of me, the “wondering”, because it’s a slippery slope that usually leads to me writing “just one scene” and then “just one more”…what must it be like to be a man of God, who takes on the responsibility of answering to that same God, while a world of sin around him constantly beckons to his humanity?

Father Bernardino Soltera is dying. Of cancer, yes. But far worse? Of a broken heart. But is it for the woman he can never have or for the God that he feels has now forsaken him?

I hope you take the time to read the whole story and find out the answer.

Thanks so much for your support.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, Book 2 of The Parker Trilogy, is in revisions. The final copy edits and proofreading will go down in April/May with A RELEASE DATE IN JUNE. I will keep you posted. But if you haven't read Book 1, Another One yet? Now is a perfect time!

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